Product Detail


OLogic is a Medical Software developed by a team of Software Experts and established Ophthalmic professionals. Combining the best of both the worlds, it addresses all the diagnostic requirements of an ophthalmic professional. OLogic provides the practitioner with a platform to conduct his examination in an organized manner as well as an access to the exhaustive database of ophthalmic conditions, related systemic disorders, generic pharmacology and principles of management. OLogic also provides the practitioner with a library of images of ocular conditions to further facilitate the diagnosis.

Who can use OLogic?

 OLogic is specially developed for Ophthalmic Professionals to assist them in the Diagnosis and Examination of the Patient. OLogic basically makes the Diagnosis and Examination processes more Systematic, Easy and Speedy with a high level of accuracy and Systematic Information Management. It can be used as a Reference Tool for various ophthalmic conditions as well as a Knowledge Base for relationships between Systemic Disorders and Ocular Manifestations.  


OLogic Version 1.0 is available on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 platforms.

Minimum Recommended
300 MHz Pentium (or Compatible) 1.2 MHz Pentium (or Compatible)
64 MB RAM 128 MB RAM
30 MB Free Hard Disk Space 100 MB Free Hard Disk Space
1024 x 768 pixels High Color (16 bit) Display 1152 x 864 True Color (32 bit) Display